Coaching is covered as part of the membership fees, etc, etc. (Lorraine)

Coaching is included as part of the membership. Our club coaches emphasise enjoyable participation and companionship rather than game outcomes. The enjoyment and satisfaction that bowling provides rather than the physical skill and fitness that also develop. An enjoyment of lawn bowling rather than its traditional rigidities. Our coaches help all bowlers to become more competitive.  Personalised coaching is usually the best method of catering for needs of individual bowlers.  We maintain a kit of commonly used instructional aids. We have an awareness of problems that learners face and a respect for our clients' developing abilities.

Yard On

The "Yard On" shot is when the player delivers a bowl with enough weight to carry it a yard or two past the target. The objective of this shot is usually to drag the jack away from the opponent's bowls towards your own or to push a bowl out of the "head" and take its place.

Drawing Shot

A Drawing Shot is the most common and it is really what the game is all about. This shot is the one in which the player attempts to play with the exact weight required to finish closest to the jack or to a point on the green dictated by strategy or tactics. This shot is often considered to be the most skilful. This allows the bowler to roll the bowl to a specific location without disturbing the other bowls too much. For a right-handed bowler, 'forehand draw' is initially aimed to the right of the jack, and curves in to the left. The same bowler can deliver a 'backhand draw' by turning the bowl over in the hand and curving it the opposite way, from left to right. In both cases, the bowl is usually rolled as close to the jack as possible.


The Drive is probably the most spectacular shot on the bowling green. A drive is when the player delivers the bowl at high speed and with maximum weight so that he can strike the head or the target with full force. The object of this shot can be to completely remove opponent's bowls from the head or from the rink or to drive the jack into the ditch. It is also commonly used when a player has a few shots against him. It involves bowling with considerable force with the aim of knocking either the jack or a specific bowl out of play. There is very little curve on this shot. Upshot or yard on: Involves delivering the bowl with enough power to move the jack or disturb other bowls, but without killing the end. 

Ditch Rules

Bowls reaching the ditch are removed from play. However, if they touch the jack before heading into the ditch they remain 'alive' and in play. If the jack is knocked into the ditch it remains 'alive' unless it is out of bounds to the side of the rink. This is called a 'dead' end and is replayed.

Coaching Videos

The Stance

The Aiming Point

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Practise for Beginners

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